It’s easy to pick on those who are winning. In a broader sense, that’s what these situations with Iggy, Ciara, and Madonna are about — and also about male artists using unbidden criticism of female artists as a way to generate cheap publicity for themselves. Does that mean women should be immune from public criticism? Absolutely not. But to be so thoroughly disrespected on the basis of their appearance, their age, their credibility, and — I can’t believe I actually hate to type this — their vagina in the year 2014 is absurd. We’re better than this. The female empowerment anthems all say so.

“The whole ‘superwoman’ thing is a misnomer. All working mothers struggle and you get through it however you can. I mentor young women and it’s still one of the biggest questions I hear. … “Am I being a bad mother?” “Can I cope with juggling the two?” We beat ourselves up. Home-based mothers face their own challenges too.”

-Gail Rebuck DBE – chair of Penguin Random House UK

9/100 from Nancy Honey’s 100leadingladies

Neo-Victorianism on Campus

Your hate-read of the day. This article is extremely aggravating.

TW for rape and sexual assault and for pure lack of humanity


John Oliver Playing Supreme Court Audio Over Footage Of Dogs Is The Justice America Needs

This may just be the best thing since cats learned to play piano.

The Supreme Court doesn’t allow cameras during oral arguments, and Justice Antonin Scalia says that’s because short segments that don’t properly portray the arguments would be presented to the public.

Well, John Oliver finally has a solution.

Watch the full hilarious video to hear the audio footage synced with these dogs. 

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