Elizabeth Warren Defends Israeli Shelling of Gaza Schools, Hospitals




keep your pro-warren and pro-clinton ish off my lawn, and off the bodies of black and brown folks. look into green and socialist parties who really speak out against the horrific ish this country is doing and allowing. most of the folks on those parties are Black feminist/womanist (Peta Lindsay, Rosa Clemente, et. al.)

Damn, even Elizabeth Warren ain’t shit

well that didn’t last long

Ugh and I was rooting for her…

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Racist white Teacher Suspended for Punching 5-Year-Old Girl in the Face

A racist teacher at Sheffield Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee has been suspended after being accused of punching a 5-year-old girl. The teacher, whom theschool district refuses to name, has not beenarrested, but an investigation by the MemphisPolice Department has begun.

Tiffany McConnell told WMC Action News 5 that she questioned her daughter, Payden, when she woke up one morning with a black eye after noticing puffiness the evening before. “I asked her what happened. She told me her teacher pushed her down and punched her, and I was devastated.”

Payden began kindergarten last week, and McConnell says the transition was difficult for her daughter. She told Fox Memphis, “My daughter said she was crying and screaming because she wanted to come home with me, and the teacher got mad because she wanted to go to the restroom again…and pushed her down and punched her.” She says the school’s principal told her another child also witnessed the incident.

McConnell will home school her daughter for the rest of the year. “My child is afraid to go back around theschool,” she explained.

The district plans to follow up with the allegations. Shelby County Schools said in a statement, “The District is investigating these allegations, and the teacher has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.”

These occurrences serve as reminders that we must listen to our black kids and know what’s going in their please white racist controlled classrooms. 

This happened right down the street from my house.. I would be in jail.. Jail.. jail.. jail.. Peep how the school board refuses to name the teacher…

it’s white people punching babies I feel like I’m losing my mind

beat this teacher’s ass.

why the fuck do these people get into teaching in the first place if they have that short a fuse????

Oh my black ass woulda been buried under the jail. 

Ain’t. NO. way. in. hell. 

That poor baby. For the rest of her life, her first memory of school is going to be being assaulted the teacher who was entrusted with teaching and protecting her. 

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So late in putting this up, but had to share my favorite new picture! Incredibly honored to have won a Planned Parenthood Maggie Award with some of my favorite women: Zerlina Maxwell, Janet Mock & Irin Carmon. 

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